About Us

  • Deniz Plaza (M. Kemal Deniz CO., Ltd.) is a company established in 1941. Company; mainly stationery, books, toys, art materials, digital copy center, demonstration and promotion activities in the framework of the area, the availability of branches at many points operate in the retail sector.

    With products and services that contribute to the future of the Turkish Cypriot community, a total of 15 branches of companies that have adopted the basic principles of customer satisfaction and a leading company in the early recognized by Turkey with 120 employees.

    Deniz Plaza with all the activities of a dynamic staff and team spirit successfully carry out in-house. supported and given their personal and professional development of its employees through training customer-oriented service concept, trying to keep the highest level.

    Period of rapid change taking place in today's conditions, continuous improvement and innovation çalışmalarmız along with an understanding of conduct to follow, so that the world and open to change, creating an environment that keeps alive the pioneering spirit of entrepreneurship. Globalized economic world, to exist in the sector in the year 2000 the company is not afraid to make the investments it deems necessary "Pursuing the principle of total customer satisfaction and service quality to" continue the path ..

Our Values

Focus on Customer Service

The fundamental principle of our customer service to a sustainable path.


We believe that success is possible with sensitivity to the environment.

Honest and transparency

Success can be achieved with honest and transparent structure.


We will not tolerate unethical methods and practices in our operations.


Keeps everything in front of our reputation, we will not sacrifice any financial interest.

Product Quality

The quality of our products is important to us.

Our Priorities

To increase the satisfaction with our service from day to day.
Each budget to maintain our favorable price policy.
All the resources we have on our customers' needs, in line with expectations and satisfaction of use.
To contribute to the education sector.
Continuous improvement and innovation approach to follow.
Sustainable building.
To add value to the community's quality of life.
Creating new jobs, contribute to the economy.