Kemal DENIZ CO. LTD. the principle of service to customers since its establishment in 1941, the "deniz bookstore" was founded by the late M. Kemal Deniz in Nicosia.

  • Cyprus until 1974 for the training of the Turkish people, rather than business, has served as an educational foundation. In the struggle for existence of the Turkish Cypriot Community, training is complete all the necessary materials to complete, for many years the "deniz bookstore" by, no response has been provided without expected.

    From 1941 to 1973, books and stationery needs of the people of Cyprus was met by Mustafa Kemal Deniz. Founded in 1941 by Mustafa Kemal Deniz Yenicamii stationery shop, moved to Kyrenia Gate in 1961 the name was able to announce to the more broad audience.

    1974 Peace Operation is institutionalized after the company has expanded its activities as a family company, has extended its services by opening branches in all residential areas.

    1992 Nicosia Deniz Plaza, 1998 Famagusta Deniz Plaza, 2003 Kyrenia Deniz Plaza, 2015 contained in Yenikent Deniz Plaza and the country's çeşlitl place 6 serves a total of 10 branches with Deniz Shop.

    Became operational in 1941 with Deniz Gentlemen "Deniz Ticarethanesi" today continues its path as a family business under the name Deniz Plaza.